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Returnees, IDP's, Vulnerable Iraqis Attain Livelihoods (RIVAL)

RIVAL (Returnees, IDPs and Vulnerable Iraqis Attain Livelihoods) is a two-year livelihoods program funded by the US State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) and implemented by ZOA (Dutch NGO) and JDA. As agriculture plays a key role in the livelihoods of the target beneficiaries, the program focuses on rebuilding the agricultural activities in the targeted villages as a backbone of sustainable re-settlement of beneficiaries. The program will also rehabilitate homes in a Telkaif district community and improve the socio-economic status of vulnerable groups of IDPs, returnees and host community members in Telkaif in Ninawe and Sumel in Dahuk through the provision of emergency livelihood opportunities. JDA’s role in RIVAL consists of 3 objectives with 6 various components. These activities will reach 3500 direct beneficiaries.


Objective 1 

Support the sustainable return for 1,000 IDP families from Telkaif and Al Hamdaniya districts by enabling relevant conditions via improved socio-economic status.  This includes providing Cash for Work programs.

Objective 2 

To provide IDPs, returnees, workers and small farmers in target villages with access to emergency livelihood opportunities in the agricultural sector.  

Objective 3

To provide 610 women and small-livestock herders  with livestock assets recovery and additional skills and knowledge in fodder utilization and improvement. 


Project Status


Cash for Work Programs

Cash for work programs have been initiated.   Those  who benefit from community facilitated rehabilitation temporary job opportunities are able to cover their basic needs. 

  •  217 beneficiaries have participated in the Cash for Work program to clear the rubble and facilitate community rehabilitation in Talkaif.  

  •  132 beneficiaries have carried out rehabilitation and agricultural activities.   

  • 60 young people are receiving support in starting up income generating activities via grants and business development work.

Agricultural Livelihood Opportunities

  • Provided training to 214 IDPs, returnees, and vulnerable Iraqi farmers with agricultural training inputs, tools and market linkages.  

  • 300 IDPs, including greenhouse owners, were trained in profitable agronomy and marketing to revitalize the protected agriculture activities in target villages.  

  • Provided 166 women and men small livestock herders with livestock re-stocking.  

  • Trained 50 men and small-livestock herders on fodder utilization and improvement.  


RIVAL Project Interactive Map