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Request for Quotation (RFQ)


Title: Provision of vehicle(s) with or without drivers
RFQ Number:   JDA_IR_RFQ_001
Issuance Date:  August 13, 2018
Deadline for offers:  Monday, August 26, 2018- 4:00 PM local Baghdad time
Project Title:  Returnees, IDPs and Vulnerable Iraqis Attain Livelihoods (RIVAL)
Send specifications to:

If interested, please download and complete the specifications form and submit a signed/stamped version to JDA Erbil office. to:


1. Introduction:

JDA has 25 years of experience working with the people and communities in Central Asia, with 15 years of experience operating in northern Afghanistan. JDA is an International NGO, recently registered in Kurdistan, maintaining a long-term country program presence in three key areas:  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); Birth Life Saving Skills (BLISS); and, various crops and value chains in agriculture. The projects are funded by foundations, private individuals, and bilateral donors such as the US government. Through all of its program activities, JDA seeks to transform the lives of the poor socially and economically.

RIVAL (Returnees, IDPs and Vulnerable Iraqis Attain Livelihoods) is a two-year livelihoods program funded by the US State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) and implemented by ZOA (Dutch NGO) and JDA. As agriculture plays a key role in the livelihoods of the target beneficiaries, the program focuses on rebuilding the agricultural activities in the targeted villages as a backbone of sustainable re-settlement of beneficiaries. The program will also rehabilitate homes in a Telkaif district community and improve the socio-economic status of vulnerable groups of IDPs, returnees and host community members in Telkaif in Ninawe and Sumel in Dahuk through the provision of emergency livelihood opportunities. JDA’s role in RIVAL consists of 3 objectives with 6 various components. These activities will reach 3500 direct beneficiaries.

2.  Offer Deadline and Protocol

Offers must be received no later than 4:00 PM local Baghdad time on Monday Aug 26, 2018 by email to, Please reference the RFQ number in any response to this RFQ. Offers received after the specified time and date will be considered late and will be considered only at the discretion of JDA International Organization.

3.   Questions

Questions regarding the technical or administrative requirements of this RFQ may be submitted no later than 12:00 PM local Baghdad time on Monday, Aug 25, 2018 by email to Questions must be submitted in writing; phone calls will not be accepted.

4.  Specifications

Part B. contains the technical specifications of the required items.

Please note that, unless otherwise indicated, stated brand names or models are for illustrative description only. An equivalent substitute, as determined by the specifications, is acceptable.

5. Quotations: Quotations in response to this RFQ must be priced on a fixed-price. Offers must remain valid for not less than forty-five (45) calendar days after the offer deadline.  Offerors are requested to provide quotations on official letterhead or format; in the event this is not possible, offerors may download and complete the Specifications table shown above.

6. Delivery: The delivery location for the items described in this RFQ is JDA Office in Erbil. As part of its response to this RFQ, each offeror is expected to provide an estimate (in calendar days) of the delivery timeframe (after receipt of order). The delivery estimate presented in an offer in response to this RFQ must be upheld in the performance of any resulting contract.

7. Source/Nationality/Manufacture: All goods and services offered in response to this RFQ or supplied under any resulting award must meet USAID Geographic Code 935 (Free World) in accordance with the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), 22 CFR §228. The cooperating country for this RFQ is Iraq.

Offerors may not offer or supply any commodities or services that are manufactured or assembled in, shipped from, transported through, or otherwise involving any of the following countries: Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, North Korea, (North) Sudan, Syria.

8. Taxes: Prices must be quoted on a lump-sum, all-inclusive basis. Any taxes or fees are not to be added later.

JDA reserves the right to withhold payroll tax (of the driver), the amount according to local government tax rules and regulations, remitted quarterly to the government.

9. Eligibility:

  • By submitting an offer in response to this RFQ, the offeror certifies that it and its principal officers are not debarred, suspended, or otherwise considered ineligible for an award by the U.S. Government. JDA will not award a contract to any firm that is debarred, suspended, or considered to be ineligible by the U.S. Government.
  • The offeror must be legally registered, requirement for companies only (individual applicants are exempt)
  • Driver(s) must have a valid driving license
  • The Offeror must have vehicle’s ownership documents (vehicle registration and/or power of attorney).
  • (If the offer is with driver), the driver must respect and accept the specific tasks and responsibilities presented to him before the contract is signed.

The driver should also accept

  • Agreement with and commitment to abide by the thirteen JDAI values
  • Willing to travel as much as 70% to remote districts and villages.

Key Competencies of the driver (if the offer is with driver):

  • Qualified driver with required driver’s license.
  • Excellent record operating a motor vehicle.
  • Has worked with similar organizations in the past, with a successful record of managing the responsibilities of a driver of a commercial vehicle
  • Understands and complies with dispatch instructions, excels at driving in the city and on the highways, knows driving directions and can navigate to anywhere instructed.
  • High School graduate.
  • Organizing ability and willingness to work.
  • Flexibility in understanding and accepting any kind of assignment.
  • Capable of working in a multi-national /cultural environment.
  • Reliable, honest and able to work under pressure.
  • Experienced in driving professionally for three years.
  • Basic knowledge of car maintenance.

10. Evaluation and Award: The award will be made to a responsible offeror whose offer follows the RFQ instructions, meets the eligibility requirements, and meets or exceeds the minimum required technical specifications, and is judged to be the best value based on a lowest-price, technically acceptable basis.

The relative importance of each individual criterion is indicated by the number of points below:

  • Cost – 50 points: The overall cost presented in the offer
  • Technical Specifications & Delivery Time– 30 Points: The overall technical capability presented in the offer and soonest delivery time.
  • Past performance – 20 Points: The firm/individual’s past experience for the similar activities

Best-offer quotations are requested. It is anticipated that award will be made solely on the basis of these original quotations. However, JDA reserves the right to conduct any of the following:

  • JDA may conduct negotiations with and/or request clarifications from any offeror prior to award.
  • While preference will be given to offerors who can address the full technical requirements of this RFQ, JDA may issue a partial award or split the award among various suppliers
  • JDA may cancel this RFQ at any time.

11. Terms and Conditions: This is a Request for Quotations only. Issuance of this RFQ does not in any way obligate JDA to make an award or pay for costs incurred by potential offerors in the preparation and submission of an offer.


The below contains the technical requirements of the services. Offerors are requested to provide quotations containing the information below on official letterhead or official quotation format. In the event this is not possible, offerors may complete the Specifications Table and submit a signed/stamped version to JDA Erbil office.

Scope of Work:

The Vehicle would mostly be traveling within Erbil, Dahuk and Ninewa provinces.

Delivery Time:

The company/owner should provide the vehicle within 2 days after the contract is awarded.

Insurance: the company/owner will be responsible for the insurance of the vehicle.

Damages & Maintenance: Owner will be responsible for damages, if damages caused by a third party without JDA employee’s fault, JDA will not be held responsible.

Regular Maintenance: the company/owner is responsible for regular maintenance per the request.

Vehicle Document: Vehicle must have legal and appropriate vehicle documents.

Period of Performance: will be for three (3) months with possibility of nine (9) more months of extension.

Payment: JDA Finance department will transfer the monthly rental of the vehicles at the end of each month after receiving of your invoice to your bank account.

Contract Duration: Duration of the contract will be for six months and it is extendable.