Joint Development Associates International

Catalyzing Transformational Development


JDA works with new farming techniques to bring new high protein multi-use crops to the region.  Helping communities become self-sufficient in food production is a main goal in development work.  We have also introduced the use of the 2-wheel tractor for better farming techniques.  

Community Health

In 2009, JDA began the WASH initiative in Afghanistan, which brought lasting results and positive behavior changes in hygiene, sanitation and nutrition to more than 34,000 men and women. 

Water Access

Improvement of water quality with new wells, hand pumps and Sawyer PointOne filters.  JDA drilled 110 wells allowing access to safe drinking water to more than 104,000 beneficiaries.

WASH in Schools

WASH in Schools provided proper education about hygiene and disease transmission to more than 7,000 boys and girls.