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Days for Girls Kits-Learning About the Monthly Cycle

Young girls in Afghanistan are often unprepared and unsupported when they begin their monthly cycle. They struggle to understand what's happening to their bodies, and they're too frightened to tell anyone

RIVAL Year 1 Served 2,296 Beneficiaries

Objectives for the first year of the RIVAL program have been successfully achieved.  The program consisted of three project objectives aimed at  rebuilding agricultural activities and restoring the lives of vulnerable Iraqis. 


Crisis Response Fund Project, Afghanistan: Sawyer Filter Distribution

During a two year drought, an Afghan government ministry, knowing of JDA’s work with Sawyer filters, turned to JDA for assistance.  JDA distributed 1,362 Sawyer PointOne filters which helped more than 8,000 people clean their available contaminated water and avoid water-borne diseases.   


 Refugees,  IDPs, Vulnerable Iraqis Attain Livelihoods (RIVAL)

RIVAL program is just begun in Ninewa governate.  The program's objective is to rehabilitate homes and help Iraqis rebuild their lives through the provision of emergency livelihood opportunities. LEARN MORE>>>     

RIVAL Activity Interactive Map

RADP-North Program Has Concluded

2019 marks the end of the Regional Agriculture Development Program-North (RADP-N).  During the five year project, we have helped farmers and agribusinesses improve food and economic security through training in weed control, conservation agriculture, kitchen gardens, and laser land leveling.   

Every child has the right to safe water, improved sanitation facilities and hygiene education. ​

WASH in schools significantly reduces hygiene-related disease, increases students’ attendance and learning achievements, and contributes to dignity and gender equality. LEARN MORE>>>