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Chilgazi Village is located in Balkh District.  Tajek and Phaston  are the two ethnic groups that occupy this village.  It is shocking to see how some of the families live.  Their children were sick with diarrhea.  JDA started facilitating hygiene lessons to this community and are very satisfied with the outcome.

SHAIMA-Hygiene/Nutrition Training Participant

"These lessons open our eyes.  Now we understand what we are getting sick from.  A few years ago, I had a baby.  When he turned eight months, he became ill with diarrhea.  I believed the diarrhea would stop if I did not give him any liquids to drink.  He died a couple days later.  After attending your hygiene lesson, I understood why my son died.  He died because he was dehydrated.  I wish I would have known this information before and prevented my son's death."

No Name-Men's Hygiene Participant

”I used to live in the mountains with my  wife and six children. We used the water from the canal for our daily needs.   We never used soap to wash our hands and seldom bathed our children. My children always suffered from diarrhea and typhoid.  After attending the hygiene lessons provided by JDA, I understand that our poor hygienic behavior made us sick all the time.  We will now wash our hands with soap every time and practice good hygiene to prevent diseases. 

ZAHRA ANVAR-Hygiene/Nutrition Participant

"Before attending the WASH program we did not know that water from the drainage has microbes. We washed vegetables with drainage water and ate them.  We always became sick after eating them. Now we know that vegetables have microbes and that water alone cannot kill of the microbes.  We would see advertisements of chlorine on TV, but thought it was n acid and did not know how to use it.  After attending the hygiene lessons, we learned how to properly use chlorine to wash our vegetables.  Thank you. We are very happy with everything we have learned to prevent diseases.  It would be great to have JDA host another workshop in the future."


NABILA-Hygiene/Nutrition Participant

”When we were children, we would drink water from the drainage and got sick.  One of my friends had a tapeworm in her stomach. I didn’t know it came from dirty water.  After your lesson, I understood how important it is to keep our bodies clean, wash our hands with soap using clean water,and how to wash  fruits and vegetables.  I am now teaching these lessons to my family every day. "


"We would obtain our drinking water from the stream in our village.  My three children would always have diarrhea, therefore, the cash that I would earn from my daily wages were spent on doctor fees and medicines.  After participating in the hygiene training, we finally understood that the cause of diarrhea in our children was drinking unsafe water.  We now boil water for our children and the adults are using water from the well." 

Worker in Municipality's Kindergarten:

"This information is extremely useful.  We have to pass our understandings to other people that are not aware of this information.  We have to strive to use clean water and keep our latrines clean so that our children do not become sick.  It is important to understand and practice good hygiene in our daily routines.   I am grateful to JDA for creating this training."

Balkh Story:

This story is about one house in Balkh where WASH had a hygiene course. When we began the hygiene group at the host house, the hygiene situation, including the latrine, was very poor. We started the hygiene group there and the family participated eagerly. They started to make changes in their household and to practice the information they were learning in the course.

Mrs. Amina and her husband Sayed Naser said, We didn't know the negative impact of a dirty latrine. We are happy to get these important lessons. Before, we used water from the open well and didn't care about washing our hands with soap. We have been suffering from stomachache  and my mother-in-law who is very old, has been sick most of the time. After we obtained this information, we decided to rebuild our latrine properly and use the biosand filter to treat our water. We didn't have any stomachaches this summer. Now, we believe that if we apply our learning, we will definitely have a healthier family. I participated in hygiene training and see the visible benefits."