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Clean Water for Karnail Sai Village
Sholgara District, Afghanistan

JDA is happy to announce that we have raised the necessary funds for Clean Water for Karnail Sai Village Project.  This would not be possible without the generosity of our donors.  

Our team is currently working on a plan to ship the Sawyer Filters to Afghanistan and distribute them to the 150 families living in Karnail Sai.  We are anticipating to complete the project within two months. 

Thank you for your support and prayers.  Thank you for giving hope to these families in need.


WASH Through Puppets

See how JDA teaches children the importance of hand washing and good hygiene in schools. 


Hygiene & Sanitation is Changing Lives

""I am greatly thankful for the hygiene course.   I now understand why my children would always suffer from diarrhea.  My children would always come home with dirty hands and never washed them.  We would all drink contaminated water from the stream and never washed our fruits and vegetables.  After taking the hygiene lessons, I wash my hands frequently and have my children do the same to prevent the spread of germs.  We now also collect water from a well and not use the dirty stream water.  My children are now healthy and have not been sick with diarrhea. I am very happy about these changes."