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JDA is announcing that the registration process has begun for new operations in Iraqi Kurdistan. Our goal is to expand the excellent work JDA has been doing in Afghanistan and to respond to the needs of the Kurdish people. JDA will initially work in the agriculture sector in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources (MAWR), and with other local and international NGOs. In addition, we will be looking for ways to implement other activities as they fit into our core competencies of excellence.

We bring to Kurdistan 25 years of experience working with the people and communities in Central Asia and desire to continue to be a catalyst for transformation in Iraqi Kurdistan.


JDA's WASH & BLiSS Activities 2016 

Every child has the right to safe water, improved sanitation facilities and hygiene education. â€‹

WASH in schools significantly reduces hygiene-related disease, increases students’ attendance and learning achievements, and contributes to dignity and gender equality. LEARN MORE>>>

Giving Moms and Babies a Chance of Survival

A health education program that trains women in basic life-saving skills related to pregnancy, birth and newborn care.  LEARN MORE>>>

Advancing Food & Economic Security for Afghans 


JDA continues to work in partnership with USAID and DAI to implement the Regional Agriculture Development Program in Northern Afghanistan.  RADP-N is a 5 year program that seeks to improve market linkages among farmers, agribusinesses, and consumers.  JDA's activities include training farmers on weed control, training female farmers on Purdue Improved Crop Storage and the use of the PICS bags, training farmers on seed selection and training on proper use and maintenance of two wheel tractor reapers.